Small & Medium Enterprises


The Central Bank of Egypt Program (CBE)

The Central Bank of Egypt letter of commitment to enable a line of guarantee supporting eligible Egyptian MSMEs (as per CBE definition) to gain access to finance from the Financial sector backed by CGC guarantee, aiming for broader financial inclusion of target MSMEs in the Egyptian economy.

Target Group

Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as defined by the the Central Bank of Egypt in addition to Sole Enterprises (with adequate experience) and with no negative credit score and with special focus on:

- Labor-Intensive Enterprises

- Import-Substitution or Export-Oriented Enterprises

- Projects in Upper Egypt, Sinai, Suez Canal or Red Sea Regions

- Innovative, Women or Youth targeting Enterprises and Start-Ups

- Newly-established Enterprises falling under the MSME category as per the 5 March the Central Bank of Egypt decree



All Sectors

Funding Body