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CGC Egypt has been awarded SILVER - MENA - Best Financier of 2021

The SME Finance Forum (managed by IFC) & G-20 GPFI (Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion), announced on October 21, 2021, the annual award of 2021.

2021 award categories are; 1) Product Innovation of the Year 2) SME Financier of the Year (banks & non-banks) 3) Responsible Digital Innovator of the Year, and 4) Best Bank for Women Entrepreneurs.

CGC EGYPT applied for Category 2) SME Financier of the Year (banks & non-banks)

Judging committee of independent global industry experts, selected CGC Egypt - silver award - as the MENA Financier for 2021, based on; CGC Egypt active role as an MSMEs market enabler and its full commitment to increase access to finance for the MSMEs segment in Egypt, with remarkable growth in its business size reaching more than 400% since 2018. The judges accredited this success to CGC Egypt robust strategy; adopting best practices in management and operations, applying a good segmented risk management system, and reinforcing the importance of data-analysis as the base to all operational and strategic decisions.

Offering Guarantees

Impacting the Growth of the Egyptian Economy

June 2022

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Why CGC Egypt

The most effective and strongest financial support institution in Egypt dedicated to facilitating the needed finance for all businesses.

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Women Entrepreneurs

Supporting women entrepreneurs with different kinds of products.

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Our Network

Massive network including the The Central Bank of Egypt as a Founder, Regulator, and Shareholder.

Partnering up with Banks, Non-banks institutions (e.g. NGOs), Governmental Institutions, and local and International Financial Institutions.

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Supporting Youth

Supporting the new generation of future leaders to drive our country forward.

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Business Guarantee

Supporting different sectors like Industrial, Agricultural, Construction, Tourism, Health Care, Services, and Commercial.

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The Central Bank of Egypt

CBE considers CGC as one of its important tools enabling the execution of CBE initiatives in support of different clusters of economy, with a specific focus on MSMEs. A vision that was behind the recent transformation of the company to a more advanced and agile institution capable of carrying its extensive role, through the application of innovative guarantee products & utilization of most advanced systems.

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